About Kasen



Kasen is an Electric Bike company based in Chino, California. We are passionate about the design and creation of top quality electric bikes & tricycles. 

Kasen Electric Bike was established in 2012. Our eBikes are designed to be sleek, elegant, and smooth at the fraction of the price you would normally expect out of eBikes of our quality. We’ve researched what eBike riders really value and want out of their electric bike riding experience and put those preferences into each one of our bicycles.

We at Kasen, believe electric bikes have become not just a hobby for many people, but a lifestyle and movement as well. We are happy to help push the boundaries of transportation in America and believe that an electric bike should be a more common sight to see out on the road. 

Kasen is dedicated to giving consumers the best we can everyday so you can put trust into each one of our bicycles

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