Kasen eBikes On Sale Today Till February

From today until the end of February Kasenbikes.com is having a sale on all of their ebikes at $200 off any electric bike. To get this special limited time deal, simply use Promo Code save2020 at checkout to get $200 off any one of Kasen’s line of ebikes.

Kasen electric bikes have always been one of the more affordable higher quality ebike companies on the market and this sale just made purchasing one of their ebikes even more cost effective than ever.

Kasen has ebikes of all kinds for any rider’s needs. Whether they want a mountain bike or a cruiser model, mid drive or hub motor, Kasen has 7 different models for your perfect fit. Want a fat tire ebike? Kasen has fat tire mountain bikes in either mid drive or rear drive models.

Perhaps you want a shorter bike, Kasen’s K7 electric cruiser model has 20 inch fat tire wheels so you can stay low and steady to the ground. This model also has the option of either pedal assistance or throttle control to further customize your personal riding experience.

Have you been eyeing any electric tricycles in the market? Kasen’s K8 electric trike might be the perfect for you. The K8 etrike is a stable workhorse that won’t only get you from where you need to go but can also house everything you might want to bring with you.